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Hi LaBeouf Fans!

Just wanted to say "hello" to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Sacha, and for any of you that weren't aware, cj_26 made me co-mod a few weeks ago. I have a little conjourn that I regularly post 'cons at that I maintain, and have a small gathering of icon lovers, thanks mostly to my participation here :)

cj_26 already let you know that I'll be doing the next challenge...and I'm very excited!! I do have a plan for the next challenge, but would love to hear what you guys have for ideas. So def let us know what ideas you have!

Also, I was wondering what people would think about the challenge's winners having their winning icon as the default icon? I think it would be really to cool give a shout out by putting up their winning icon and keeping it up for the following week...it could be the winner of first place or of best crop...whatever you guys think! Does that sound cool? Let us know...


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