when.my.eyes.roam (whenmyeyesroam) wrote in iconshia,

Challenge 011 / Voting!

Hi everyone! I just want to remind you to vote for Challenge 010 HERE if you haven't!

And for Challenge 011!

Theme: Your favorite Shia feature. Whether it's his eyes, his smile, or the whole package, your icon(s) must represent what your favorite Shia feature is. I've included below optional textues for you to use.

Deadline: Since there has been some delays with past challenges, the deadline will be Thursday, April 16 10 PM (GMT). Compare my time zone here: time zone

Enter: Up to 5 icons that represent your favorite Shia feature (textures provided optional).

Please do not post your icons elsewhere until the winners have been posted! 1. 2. 3. 4. texture 1 by: sugabones, 2 by: nokitas, 3 by: azuremonkey, 4 by: yunhe
Tags: !voting, challenge 011
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